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Little Wolf #1    March 2017 

"In the Darkness" by Celina Stone

"Time"  by Cisco Aragon

Consider the stars…
Bright, distant, innumerable, haphazardly strewn across the sky
Streaking they give birth to a wish
Their stability gives us bearing
Sister moon, pale with responsibility to her distant lover in the waves
and the stars forever watching this tug of war
Consider the stars….
Orion, the wrist of a man tempted by Iktomi 
Orion, the start of the great medicine wheel in the sky
Orion, the beginning and end of the great race
The race when Man aligned with Tatanka to lead the earth
Consider the stars…
Haphazardly strewn or artfully placed?
Innumerable or just an appetizer in the cosmos?
Distant and removed or ever-present, even while the overzealous sun outshines them? 
Bright and full of memory, history, mystery, superstitious scintillation
Consider the stars…
Aquarius, Virgo, Draco, Capricorn, Libra, Cassiopeia, Aries, Hydra, Andromeda, Hercules, 
Taurus, Carina, Crux, Vela, Vulpecula, Scorpius, Phoenix, Lyra, Lupus, Sagittarius
United by stories
United by lines drawn in history
United in legend and cautionary tales
United over the ages in an unwavering vigil that welcomes the night
Consider the stars…
Humble lights. Illuminating our darkness

Consider the term time, it is like a savings account that is always getting used. Each day we start out with 86,400 dollars. Every second that passes we lose 1 dollar, wouldn’t that make you want to use up that money while you had it? It would make me want to go out and make the most of my time and make sure not a second goes to waste. Every day is a gift, a gift we overlook because we are too caught up worrying about the smallest things, or wanting materialistic things. While we are often caught up worrying about these things, someone cashes out early, losing all their precious time regardless of their material possessions, race, religion, skin color, and job. In the end we can’t take anything into death with us, so spend your time doing something you love or with someone you love.

The most beautiful gesture that we often overlook is someone wanting to spend their limited time on Earth with you, time they will never get back but they don’t regret it one bit because time spent with you is time well spent. One day you will find someone who doesn’t need you in the slightest but they want to be with you anyway and that is true love. True love is when germaphobes don’t want to wash their hands after they touch the one they love, it’s when people with OCD don't feel the need to organize when they look at them. True love is when you the words “I love you” aren’t substantial to express how you feel for someone, you feel the need to make up a new word to express how you feel. 

It’s when they make every love poem have meaning, when you can feel them in every warm day, when you can hear them in every love song and you recognize beauty in everything that reminds you of them. Love is also the weight in your chest when they tell you they don’t think you should be together anymore, when every place you’ve been, movie you’ve watched and everything you have done together just doesn’t feel the same. When nothing can fill your void where all your love used to be. When a wound like that is inflicted upon a human being the only medicine is the only currency you start each day with, and how you spend it is the determining factor on how fast the wound will heal.  Love and live each day like you will live forever.

Untitled by Scarlet_Equanimity

It was not fate
And it was no mistake
To have you in my life 
Relieved all of my strife
But even now that you’re no longer mine
My depleted soul expels a weary whine
What I wouldn't give to have you back 
Is only what lies beyond my grasp
I know I can’t know 
How emotions can show 
But I believe in one thing, true
Just how much I have come to love you 
I write this here for you to see
For my cowardice of losing you completely, 
continues to compel me
Since I can't say it to your face 
I simply must depend on fate
For you to cross paths with this rhyme 
Would truly mean I have no wasted time

"Fire Season" by Bear by Blood

 Summer, winter, spring, fall and fire.
My home, the desert, is also a pyre.
When the wind whispers and conspires,
With the destruction that it inspires.

Grow, grow, whispering the words.
Say good bye to all the birds.

Speedily spreading across the lands.
It was igniting corpses and jumping grasses.
And I thought I saw, its burning hands.
Touching a drought succumbed yucca as it passes.

Smoking, suffocating and tainting the air.
It’s purging native land with much of its care.
Fertilizing the land, allowing new growth.
Causing despair, with ancient fire oath.

Spreading fear, and painting the sun red.
The season’s symbol, of the still burning dead.

“To Be or Not to Be…” by Jubilee Joy

“To be or not to be” is the question indeed.
To brave this harsh world or to fade into obscurity?
Now at the fork in road is where you stand;
Choose your path then conquer the land.
And with God’s Grace and Honor as your guide,
Take hold of life and enjoy the ride.

“The Key” by Jubilee Joy

The world is big, the world is great
And Fear stands before like and Iron Gate.
But in your hand you hold the Key
To freedom and all you’re meant to be.
So go out and live your life
With Fear behind and out of sight.