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Little Wolf #2    April 2017 

"Love You'll See" by Bear by Blood

"Fire"  by Brianah Maestas

I will not remember tomorrow,
I will not remember today.
When I die I wish I could live my life over and over,
And I wish I could be there to say,
“I’m here if you need me”
Every time that I’m needed,
And I wish to know you’re okay while I’m away.
And also to tell you I love you as much as I already say.
It’s not hard to understand
I’ve always been afraid of being left out.
It’s not hard to understand
We’re lit and then we burn out.
I will not remember tomorrow
And I will not remember today.
But it doesn’t take a genius to find
That there’s no other way.
That there’s no secret and there’s no cure,
I will take every bit and piece of me with me,
And if there’s anything left it’ll stray.
I have to take every piece of me away.
Everything I’ve ever wanted to do
Everything but my love for you.
"I promise I'll leave my love - you'll see.
As I take all the best parts of me with me.
I'll take every bit of the love that I can find,
And I'll leave it all behind 

It's passion, beauty, unpredictability
on a good day it provides warmth and light
on a bad day it causes destruction and pain
The flickering flame causes shadows to dance
enraged it consumes all that stand in its path
At peace it is kind, allowing forgiving light to brighten your way
It cannot be controlled, only guided
If you are careful, patient, it will obey
If you are careless, in a hurry, it will succumb to its own desire
It is meant to burn, go engulf, to smother
Whether it is warmth that smothers you, or the less forgiving heat
Fire will never be bad, or good
Only you can make it what it is
Its existence needs help
It cannot survive on its own
It is so powerful, yet so weak
It is destruction, but can be destroyed by neglect
It can go out of control, but will eventually die out
Like life it is not everlasting
Like passion it is fleeting
Like obsession it is consuming
It is nature's example of humanity
It is our hopes and our fears   

“Alamillo” by Never Look Back

The town, the root, the life…
The family, the home, the childhood…
The ground, the tree, the rock...
The happy years, the siblings, the laughs…
The sad year, the lament, the chant…
The town, the root, the life…
Echoes of my life.

"Never Look Back" by Nathaniel Cuaron

Life comes and goes, you’re born, you live, you die
We all live, laugh, love to just make us cry
Making mistake we walk away, but those mistakes are carried on
through our life
We step forward to escape the past but the past is always right behind
Trying to make you fill sad, mad or just to bring you down
Never look back
Look at the beautiful things that will come upon the feature
The things we do the things we see will always stay
There is never a dual moment in our lives
We cherish what we have
The most important thing ever
Never look back
Step forward not back, might just fall on your back
Stepping back is like jumping off a cliff backwards
Jumping backwards and you will never know when the ground is
It will come fast or it will come slow
Never look back
Life is so much more then we think
It is a gift that we all have when we took our first breath
Life is to short
Knowing we face 1,000 ways to die everyday
This gift will be worth our last breath
Never look back

“Thought of the Dying” by Chai Hollow

They always spoke of a light, that you see when you die. I
always thought it was silly, the living speaking about death as if
they knew what was coming, but I believed it too. I suppose
everyone did. When you die, you go into the light. It made so much
sense at the time, didn’t it? Hmmm… but I guess there’s no one to
answer me now. Something to be glad for, I suppose. What a thing
it would be, to go mad as you’re dying. Be my luck though, wouldn’t
it? Heh, still asking questions to no one.
I thought it would be faster, ya know? Dying, I mean. If I
don’t get a light, if I can’t be warm, couldn’t it at least be over
quick? Or maybe no time has passed yet… I don’t think I’m the best
judge of that at the moment. But… it feels like I’ve been here
forever, wherever here is. Can a place that isn’t really, still be
considered a place? If there is no here for me to be, am I still here?
Hmm, I don’t think I’m making much sense anymore. It’s getting
harder to think sometimes, or at least I think that it is. I don’t
really trust my mind too much anymore.
Sometimes, I think there’s almost something. Almost a
sound, I think. But maybe that’s just my head playing tricks on me
again. Like the times I think I’m a memory, before I realize that I’m
not there anymore. I’m here, or nowhere. I can’t tell anymore.
It’s bright sometimes now. Not always, but once in a while.
I think I can almost see something. But it’s never clear, just bright.
There’s a sound now to. It’s a piercing tone, too loud when it
surfaces. It hurts to listen, but it’s the first sound I’ve heard in so
long. I can’t turn away

"Consider the Wolf"  by Aliyha Martinez

Consider the wolf for a moment. The wolf is a beautifully feared animal of the wild who howls at the moon and wanders the dark city. The wolf is distinguished by its striking howl which can be heard miles away from all ears. The wolf is known for killing livestock and terrorizing smaller animals at night, which is when the wolf lurks. Farmers and other civilians have been known to hunt wolves in the US. When people think of wolves, they think of a wild beast, whom they’ve seen in movies ripping people and animals apart, but did you know the wolf is one of the mammals who find lifelong love? When male wolves find a female whom they are attracted to, they mate for life. Love is something that may not be expected of such a fearful, monstrous animal, but love has no boundaries or limits and can be obtained by anyone of any species.

The wolf hunts day and night, searching for a hearty meal to bring back to its family. When a human sees a wolf, we see a frightening creature, a creature we don’t care to learn more about. When looking past the scariness of the nocturnal animal, we might see a frightened, hungry animal scavenging for food for its young, just trying to make it through another day, much like us. The distinction between humans and animals, more specifically the wolf, is that unlike humans, wolves find love and love knows no pain. The wolf never harms its mate, it never abandons its family, or fails to come home, unless killed by a human on the way. When analyzing the human however, more specifically about how humans love, we can see the difference.

Humans love in a very different way than wolves. Humans on the other hand, find someone to love, only to hurt them. People have the ability to feel and
care deeper than wolves, and also the ability to hurt. When people find a mate, they might love each other, but they also find ways to hurt and harm one another, in ways in which the wolf, a frightening beast, cannot. Humans also do not mate for life, instead we go through different partners trying to find which one is right for us, much like shopping for clothes. In other words, love for humans, isn’t as personal, caring, and emotional as its thought to be. Love is defined to be an intense feeling of deep affection, but now, the word love is thrown around more than a football at a Dallas game, it’s told to numerous partners who a person finds attractive.

The definition of love, for humans that is, has changed of the course of time. It has become less personal and more about the physical aspect. Humans are above all animals on a hierarchical scale, but animals no how to love, care, and appreciate more than us. Even a domesticated animal, a dog for instance, has more respect and love for its master, than its master will ever have for it, and the domesticated dog, will never, ever stop loving its owner. Animals don’t just feel love, but unconditional love, love that can never be broken, love that is pure and innocent, love that has the best intentions. Love can never be broken by something, or someone that can do no wrong.

"Conflict Resolution" by Jared Sanders

Drawing the errant blade you lunge forth at it
Vast and white and daunting
An enemy you hope to reshape in your image
With one, two, three,
Plentiful strokes.
You strike the graphite wounds in its flesh
Each fresh cut oozing with texture, entendre, emotion.
It stands to crush you, to pin you down with the weight of its near infinite body.
But you remember the words of the ones who came before you, and, retaliating,
You loose a satisfying barrage of metaphor upon it.
Reeling, it strikes back, the blinding white of its college ruled hide tensing.
It breathes a cloud of fatigue upon you, eraser shavings and paper scraps.
You reach for your draught, a cup of Earl Grey on the far side of the desk.
Refreshed, you lunge back in,
neurons taught,
consciousness screaming,
heaving the weight of your pen with Herculean mental strength.
You go on like this for hours, until eventually,
You and your unflinching foe seem to reach a mutual agreement that it’s time
to stop.
Wounded, tired, retreating to the comfort of your bed
You know this fight is not over.
You know it will be there tomorrow, leering from atop the faded mahogany
plane across the room.
It may take days,
It might take months,
It could even take years.
But you’ll be there.
Everyday you’ll be back, until it’s done.
Writing is a serious business after all,
Most certainly not for the faint-hearted.
Besides, another beast will come soon,
Its own massive white frame springing forth on the battle ground.
Better to be done with this one sooner than later