Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.


by Craig Goodworth

In ecology, the place where two landscapes come together. An ecotone can be hard or soft,  clear and defined, or the terrains porous, bleeding into one another.

A part of my heart is in a wash in the desert,
                another the hollow on my grandfather’s farm.
A third, in the Liptov forest,
                a fourth yet to be born.
Sometimes I see my Grandfather in the orchard behind the bee boxes praying.
               Sometimes I see my grandson working a scythe. 
At dawn I can hear the monks in Cañones Canyon chanting
               and, from Oregon, smell their beeswax candles at dusk.
When I shoot and eat wild boar in the Carpathian Mountains,
               I can taste a chorizo burrito in Phoenix.
I want pigskin Super Bowls in Pittsburgh,
              and I want Zabijacka -  hog slaughter in the village of Dovalovo.
I need old world blood.
               I need new world honey.

Craig Goodworth is an Oregon-based artist working in installation and poetry. His practice encompasses drawing, object-making, research, teaching and farm labor. He has received fellowships in art and writing including a Fulbright to the Slovak Republic (2015). Along with exhibiting his artworks nationally and internationally, he’s engaged in various collaborations and residencies relating art to science and religion. Goodworth holds Master’s Degrees in fine art and sustainable communities. Originally from Arizona, his interests include land, place, mysticism and folk traditions.