Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.


by Eric Stiefel

The pond behind the house where you grew up became a ghost town—
you’re sunbathing in the backyard nude, trees warped, dock kissed with algae,
the whole world covered in weeds.  Instead of kissing you, I pretend to sleep. 
Even silence seems fragile here.  You tell me the history of everything that’s ever been
and then break into the house with a rock, glass shattered, dust on the floor. 
Light mottles in through pools of water sunken into the wood.  You show me
where your room used to be, the attic, a wardrobe left behind.  You open the doors
to find a part of yourself.  You open them to find a dozen glass bells.      

Eric Stiefel is a poet living in St. Louis, MO where he is currently junior fellow in poetry at Washington Unviersity in St. Louis. His work has appeared in West 10th, Menage, The Adroit Journal, and is forthcoming from The Esthetic Apostle.