Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

In the Apple Mountains

by Gregory L. Candela

The passenger jet leaves a quiet
vapor wake across the sky. The
cross-country skier—there—below
glides along, along on pristine snow
somewhere between Thomas 
Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Metal foreleg poles hindquarter skis
chunk shish chunk shish chunk shish
the Acoma deer dancer slides
down the side of a steep arroyo
somewhere between Thomas
Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Single-seed Juniper brown scrub
oak Douglass fir tortured piñon
chunk shish chunk shish chunk shish
he comes on two old snow angels
somewhere between Thomas
Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau
then—chunk chunk—upon hungry
purposeful coyote tracks—meeting
those of a leaping jack the
quick pivot spattered blood
one carcass half-devoured in
their temporary juniper lair.
There imprinted in deep snow
he reads natural philosophy.
Now in his return tracks
a tingling up and down his back
up the arroyo chunk-chunk shish
his knees stiff in the twilight
an old buck—freezing
before the ripping blow
somewhere between Thomas
Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Gregory L. Candela has resided in New Mexico since 1972. He has published scholarly articles in American literature, a volume of poetry (Surfing New Mexico—2001), written seven produced plays, and edited 6 volumes of poetry and prose. He has published poems in English and Spanish. More recent publications include poems in Circe’s Lament:  Anthology of Wild  Women Poetry, Malpaís ReviewAdobe WallsSin 
FronterasVan Gogh’s EarCyclamens and SwordsMonterey 
Poetry Review and Italian Americana. He served on the Selection Committee for Albuquerque’s first Poet Laureate and serves as a Poet in the Classroom. He is currently looking for a publisher for his poetry manuscript “Graveyards of New Mexico.”