Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Compel to Colors

by Kathamann Kathamann

Memory of falling water in winter
beyond dimension of scarlet communication
between emerging noise and opaque outline.
My animal self darkens like marsh shadows.
I proceed in my counter-clockwise thoughts
and long for the light of Chaco.  Mistaken
crickets under the chair.

Confessed green serpents in liquid, dark vines
leaving gossamer skins in dark margins. 
A statue of weeping tongues stirs in the tired mist.
A spray of tapered voices drift from chamber to
canopy.  Colored persimmons flair then drop
their languished fingers.  The precious feed
of pure distance.

A boiling bed awaits the glittering body of Nijinsky
for vanity, for pleasure, for a blue nymph who moves
like eagles and fishes on the rim of prayers and flowers.
In the late desert, I crush polite almonds and stroll
with snowy mice.  My monkey brain is hollow
with the Eros of trains.
Kathamann Kathamann is a retired registered nurse and Peace Corps Volunteer/Afghanistan. She has been active in the Santa Fe arts community for 40 years exhibiting in juried, group and one-person shows.​ She began writing a decade ago and still writes from word lists. Kathamann is interested in the randomness of words as they appear in a notebook. She is not goal-oriented but admires the way the words fit themselves together. She has been published in multiple local and regional anthologies. You can find her work at