Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.
 Notes from the Editors:
As of this issue Little Wolf is one year old!!!! That’s a pretty big birthday for a little zine. Thank you all for reading and contributing!

One of my favorite things about having Little Wolf at UNM-Valencia is that we have all been able to celebrate some amazing writing and art this past year. Please keep sending your short-stories or essays and poems and please encourage your friends to share their work and join us for the Student Readings on March 21st and April 18th in the UNM-VC Writing Center. 

                                                                     — Kristian Macaron


Welcome back from winter break! This semester we will be publishing three issues of Little Wolf magazine. This is the first.

Also, this month marks the one-year anniversary of the founding of Manzano Mountain Review and Little Wolf!

Celebrate with us by reading the terrific, introspective writings that UNM-Valencia students contributed to #6, and please consider submitting work for our next issue, or attending one of the monthly student readings held in the Writing Center.     
                                                                          — Justin Bendell

February  2018