Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.
​​Notes from the Editors:

Did you know that octopi, when bored, will eat their own arms? I don't suggest you go this route. What I do suggest is that you read Little Wolf's seventh issue.

Seven is one of my favorite numbers, so I'm always pleased to see the number in print, and even more pleased when I project of mine reaches it's 7th edition. I consider it a benchmark. And here we are, 7 issues of Little Wolf, our little 'zine that can, and I'm pleased to see more folks -- new readers, new writers (and artists!) -- entering the fray.

One more issue this semester, which means you have one more chance before summer to revise that story or poem draft that you've been meaning to finish, and send it our way.

                                                                                                —Justin Bendell


Literary journals can sometimes have their own kinds of struggles. They need love and art to stay alive. Even one as tiny as Little Wolf needs readers, writers, artists, and editors to come to life. As you read through this issue, think about all the writing and artwork you have in your notebooks or scribble on your class notes. Publication can be intimidating, but it’s also really special to share your work with a community of people who look forward to enjoying it.

Is there anything that you have to send? Please email it to us!
                                                                                       —Kristian Macaron 

April  2018