Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Elements of You

by Marisa Silva-Dunbar

Coffee beans spilled on the white tiled countertop
next to the blue mason jar of daisies and azaleas,
a map with silver push-pins of where you’ve been—
blue where you hoped your feet would carry you.
Photos of the dusty ghost towns on Route 66,
abandoned gas stations and train tracks,
blue skies dotted with coral clouds like carnation buds,
your pictures of the cello player at Liverpool St. Station,
concert and theater tickets tucked into the corners of your mirror
a love letter from your former fiancé folded
between the pages of “The Prophet.”
And there was always pictures of your bridge,
from every angle and season. You wanted
to make it clear these were elements of you.
They are echoes from lifetimes you let slip
from the palms of  your hands.
I don’t know where they went;
maybe they’re the secret kept under your pillow,
maybe these moments are when you started to fade.
Marisa Silva-Dunbar’s work has been published in Spider Mirror Journal, Mojave He[art] Review, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Poetry WTF?!, Better than Starbucks Magazine, Redheaded Stepchild, Words Dance Magazine and Gargoyle Magazine. She graduated from the University of East Anglia with her MA in poetry, and has been shortlisted twice for the Eyewear Publishing Fortnight Poetry Prize.