Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Evolution of the Horse

by Scott Wiggerman

                in response to Derrick Montez’s oil painting,
                The King of the Gypsies Strikes Another Pose
I have galloped past a half dozen planets,
every cell of my engine’s workings
a compressed cosmos in orbit.
From hooves to blazing mane
to the tip of my electrified tail,
I am inflamed with the buzz of the sun.
Wide-eyed, I burn unleashed
traversing moons with the drive and spirit
my free-ranging ancestors once had
when a horse would bolt in wildness
and refuse to yield to man.
This horse has a secret:
I have upended domestication.
Knowing man could never fully be tamed,
I have enclosed his scheming constellation
in the corral of my own body,
harnessed that greed in my veins.
I have allowed man’s violent energy
to unravel within the cage of my ribs,
explode down the marrow of my flanks.
I am wholly charged, endlessly powered,
every cog in this enhanced machine
ready to brave the universe.
I don’t need the wings of Pegasus to fly.
Scott Wiggerman is author of three books of poetry, Leaf and Beak: Sonnets; Presence; and Vegetables and Other Relationships; and editor of Wingbeats: Exercises & Practice in Poetry (I & II); Lifting the Sky; Bearing the Mask; and Weaving the Terrain. Recent poems have appeared in The Ghazal Page, Red Earth Review, Bosque, Softblow, Frogpond, and Allegro Poetry Magazine.