Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Two Poems

by Sonja Vitow


I keep finding your baby
photos in books I haven’t
opened in a while
I send the pictures to your new
address with no card, stamps
leftover from wedding invitations
for ten years I’d been using
you to keep my place
I’ll lose those places now.


The No-Cavity Club
On the eve of our anti-versary,
(which is the cute word I’ve assigned
to our first year apart),
we make matching dentist appointments,
(same day, an hour in between),
and find out when the receptionist calls you
with reminders for both of us.
           I joke that this dentist is very thorough:
           Before an appointment, they text you,
           e-mail, add it to your Google calendar, and call
           your ex-husband.
           I then joke (in that I’m making a joke, but I also mean it)
           that I’m glad you’re first, you’ll be the one
           to have the awkward conversation this time.
           You reply, that’s the worst part, but I’ll take care
           of it, and I say, thanks, kid and I think, how nice, 
           how casual we are, it’s like
           this is working.
But when you text me after
your appointment, I ask how it went, breaking
the news, and you say you decided
 not to mention it. You’re texting to ask
for re-admittance into the No Cavity Club.
Another clean visit, and it’s been a while
since you’ve needed a filling.
I reply, that’s not how the No Cavity Club works.
Later, when the receptionist tries to put me
on your dental insurance, I have to say
we’re divorced now
while she clutches the rings on her second finger
as though covering their ears.
          27 years and my membership is in good standing.
          I’m glad. Once you’re out of the No Cavity Club,
          you’re out for life.

Sonja Vitow is a middle and high school teacher of French, Spanish, and Creative Writing in Boston, MA. She co-edits a small literary magazine called The Knicknackery. Her work has appeared in Harvard Review, The Rumpus, Carve Magazine, Gulf Coast, and NANO Fiction, among others. Her short story, 'Pillars of Hercules,' won second place in Zoetrope: All Story's 2013 Short Fiction Contest. Another was a finalist in Glimmer Train's May 2013 Award for New Writers.