Manzano Mountain Review is an online New Mexico literary journal affiliated with UNM-Valencia.

Two Poems

by taylor d. waring

swampwitch / undead protagonist I
“Gator teeth aren’t sharp enough to sever
without mojo; disjunction thus requires a tail
to twirl the beast as she merry-go-rounds
mammal extremities into gasping phantoms—
no-hand violations of non-contradiction,
infinite teeth and none, the tilde’s soft moan
at our gaping ∃(x)— ”
                        My Dear, I’m not certain I wholly follow—
                        you’re saying you neither spit nor swallow?
“The fluttering signifier is here problematic:
I’m a glass-jawed-gator-girl; a drenched witch
dreaming of holy driftwood—”
                                                —a Mighty Wand—
“to raze Ghostprince in his slimy pond.”

What thing thou art, thus double-formed, and why
In this infernal vale first met thou call’st
Me father, and that phantasm call’st my son?
--Satan, Paradise Lost

castor / pollox

My Gemini died at nineteen of un
-natural causes—a blender blended life

chasm, zig-zagged him sterile, rendered him
kaleidoscope. He told me, “You can’t be

fucked by a mirror,” then double-slapped me
with the furred palms of our doppelgängbäng.

I whispered concrete pillow talk back
into his wormhole, told him, “Man cannot be

with child,” tied him to the empty crib
of my cosmology, showed him the claw-

stellations of my inner thigh, “You see
how they spiral like Uranus’ thumbprint?

How they burst forth like Sin from Satan’s left
cortex into a more human form of Guilt?”

my guilt is        a lifeless lover looking
me in the eye      a little death praying

to be stillborn        when eyes glide back
I want him to feel         the fetal pulse

of life dancing     somewhere in the womb
of memory       to flutter the thought

of frail undulations      I tell him, “the problem
with ghosts is that they       exist at the splayed-

tips of neurons    as  flickering syndromes
no more real     than lightning without thunder

unready light sprung          from a boy splicing
his half-razed tongue    his purple-sick sky

cackling with crackled teeth     or the belief
that two bodies could ever be      one to begin with.”
taylor d. waring is a poet / musician from Oshkosh, Wi, who is currently earning his MFA at Eastern Washington University. He recently released his first chapbook, infomercials and 2 EPs with his post-stoner doom band, Baba Yaga. He also writes music reviews over at (mostly heavy metal). He’s currently making music with Merlock and Carved in Bone, both based in Spokane. His poetry can be found in Malevolent Soap, Oyster Review, Wisconsin Review, Coup d’Etat, and Pacific Review.